Temperature control at your fingertips

// heating and ventilation

Relocating a thermostat can often mean lots of extra wiring, drilling and redecorating when done. There are, of course, wireless programmable thermostats but these often come with complicated menus and buttons that unnecessarily complicate things.

The Sangamo Choice RSTA3 RF solves both these problems. A simple to use dial thermostat with a small LCD screen  that’s also RF wireless. Simply replace the existing thermostat with the receiver unit and the thermostat can be placed up to 30m away without worrying about wiring at all.
The LCD screen gives a clear temperature readout meaning more precise control to the user, they know how much to turn the dial to move one degree lower, thus saving an estimated 10% on their energy bills.

The RSTAT3 RF also has a small switch on the bottom that can be changed to have two functions. Firstly it can be a simple on/off switch so that during the Summer it can be completely turned off. Alternatively it can function as a comfort/economy mode switch, when switched to economy mode it lowers the desired temperature by 4 degrees, giving a cooler room that is optimal for sleeping, in the morning it can be switched back to comfort mode where it will be at the exact temperature the tenant likes without having to touch the dial at all.

The Sangamo Choice RSTAT3 RF is a great solution for everyone, can be installed in a fraction of the time it takes to move a wired thermostat, reducing installation costs and helps the tenant reduce their energy bills, with easy to understand controls, while staying warm and comfortable.

Like all Sangamo products, it’s also backed with a five year guarantee giving the peace of mind to truly “fit and forget”.


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