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A new product that saves installation time, increases site safety and decreases ongoing maintenance has revolutionised a new build social housing project of eco-friendly dwellings in the Clifton area of Nottingham.

Nottingham City Homes discovered Tectite Flexible Metal from existing supplier, leading UK manufacturer, Pegler Yorkshire, whilst specifying its new homes and took the decision to commission Tectite Flexible Metal for all plumbing and central heating pipe work in the project.

"The Tectite Tube system appealed immediately due to its ability to be bent easily and remain as such, to allow for long pipe runs and it also provided minimal value for opportunistic theft," said Nick King Contracts Manager Nottingham City Homes. "I am pleased to say that the product delivered on every level from specification, installation, testing, commissioning and end user benefits."

Tectite Flexible Metal offered Nottingham City Homes the perfect balance between the integrity of metal and the flexibility of plastic. Tectite is malleable enough to be shaped by hand, yet it is more resistant to warping than plastic piping, and it can handle temperatures in excess of 95°C and working pressures up to 16 bar. It meant that Nottingham City Homes was able to complete long runs of pipe work without the need for additional elbows and fittings which minimised the risk of leaks and cracks during installation and also once the dwellings are occupied.  And, as Tectite Flexible Metal is designed for installation alongside the high-performance metal push-fit fittings range from Pegler Yorkshire, jointing was heat free, did not require any expensive tooling – and it was twice as quick as the capillary method, thanks to the use of pre-lubricated seals.

"I was very impressed with the flexibility of the tube and how simplistic installation was," said Nick. "As there were no leaks at all in any property, our build schedule was adhered to and I have complete confidence that our ongoing maintenance will be reduced as a result further decreasing time and labour costs to the business."

Nick concluded, "Our tenants will also benefit from this as expansion of Tectite Flexible Metal is significantly reduced meaning there is less creaking of pipes, the possibility of leaks is reduced and, because there is a metal element in the material, pipes can be located with a cable detector."
The pipe is entirely suited to domestic applications due to its capabilities in terms of threading pipe through joists and confined spaces, the ability to shape to required angles and the ease of jointing plus the ability to be plumbed directly into the boiler. 

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Keith Kent, and installer for Nottingham City Homes, talks about the benefits of Pegler Yorkshire's Tectite Metal Push-Fit.

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