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Indoor air quality plays a large part in the health of homes and the people who live in them. Effective ventilation can make a real difference and choosing the right fan is important. Tom Emson, Product Marketing Manager at Vent-Axia, explains more.

As the condition and efficiency of housing stock is upgraded, often the air tightness of a property is improved. This cuts energy bills for tenants but, when ventilation is not considered, it can result in mould and condensation and so reduced indoor air quality (IAQ). Recent research has revealed the importance of good IAQ and how the nation’s health is depending on it and so it’s important that Housing Association landlords fulfil their duty of care to tenants by providing good IAQ in their properties. So what can be done?

With ventilation solutions now available which are energy efficient, near silent in operation, simple to use and discreet, Housing Associations are able to provide good comfort for their tenants and avoid the health risks of poor IAQ. The ideal solution is Vent-Axia’s intelligent Lo-Carbon Revive, a filter-less unitary fan designed to meet the specific needs of social housing.

For tenants, Revive’s Multi-Vortex™ technology with a high-pressure hybrid impellor means it is powerful enough to remove moist and stale air to ensure good IAQ, but at the same time quiet enough not to disturb, while remaining energy efficient.

For landlords, Revive offers multiple installation options and can be ducted or through the wall. Revive is low maintenance with no filter and an interior that actively repels dust, helping to avoid call backs. Revive also boasts reliability backed by up to seven years’ warranty. An advanced data logger tracks how the fan responds to changing IAQ and the energy it uses, allowing landlords to work with tenants to ensure a healthy indoor environment.
The intelligent Revive is the ideal choice, helping landlords avoid costly damage to a property through condensation and mould while offering tenants low running costs and improved indoor air quality.

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