Genesis point – Wienerberger experiences success with Sandtoft 20/20 tiles

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Setting it apart from alternative, less flexible plain tiles, the 20/20 tile is host to many unique qualities in both its financial and environmental credentials. A ground breaking feature of the tile, which was previously considered impossible, is that it is guaranteed for use at roof pitches down to 15°, where as traditional plain tiles usually can only go down to 35°, making the 20/20 a more versatile product to stock and use.. An integral reason for this technological triumph is the fact that 20/20 is the only interlocking plain tile on the market.

Potentially hefty maintenance bills can also be minimised since the 20/20 utilises a single lap design; the result of which is that fewer tiles and battens are required per square metre, which in turn reduces both labour and material costs. This also leads to a large reduction in weight on the roof structure, something that can be of great benefit in the renovation and refurbishment market. Couple this with the fact that the tiles save 50 per cent more CO2 than ordinary plain tiles, and it is clear to see why the 20/20 tile has been so well received by merchants and end users alike.

On an aesthetic level the clay DNA of the tile ensures the roof maintains its colour for the life of the tile offering substantially greater longevity compared to its concrete counterparts. After a term of approximately two years the hue of concrete tiles begins to diminish as natural light bleaches its colour, a phenomenon absent in clay. Due of the myriad qualities of clay, the tiles are available in a broad assortment of colours ranging from the sombre Antique Slate to the traditional Natural Red via the mid toned Flanders and Tuscan varieties. 

Richard Bishop, Category Marketing Manager for Roof at Wienerberger, said “We have used innovative design and classic craftsmanship to bring what was once a very traditional tile, with limited capabilities, into the 21st century. The range draws on years of roofing expertise and provides merchants with a range that is really going to help them to meet and maintain strong demand. With a range of colours available, we are certainly proud of the tile which is the first of its kind.”

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